Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Baby Rachel.

Have I ever mentioned Lottie has a baby doll?
Her name is Rachel, and she was born on June 30th.
Rachel comes with us (mostly in her car seat) everywhere.
Rachel has 10 teeny tiny disposable diapers,
three pairs of booties, two outfits, two diapers,
two bottles of milk, and one bottle of orange juice.
Sometimes I babysit Rachel when Lottie needs to "run errands."
Lottie gives me instructions on how to feed her, when to put her down
for her nap, and how to change her diaper.
If this is anything like being a grandma, I will nail it.

Check out this adorable photo of MY baby Lottie
in October 2012.
I missssssssssss my babies!

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