Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines Day at my house

The evening before Valentines day was crazy.
I was supervising 4 children make their Valentine day boxes, assembling 30 plus 
Valentines in little sacks, feed the baby, and try to make dinner.
Dinner never happened, but we did produce some of the cutest Valentines ever.
It was also the same night Mr. Nielson had to go participate with the 
young men in the neighborhood for scouts.
I was alone and exhausted. 
I was frazzled and felt so unorganized all day. 
It was just one of those days. 
The whole day I wasn't very patient with my children or myself.  
I knew the day would be a marathon 
the second the children got home from school.  
I was right.
Part of me just wanted to get all of their Valentines ready and written for them while they were at school.  Oliver wouldn't care, he only had about 4 boys and 1
 girl he really wanted to give his Valentines too anyway.
But Claire and Jane would die.  
They took their sweet time with each Valentine and treat sack.
Nicholas wanted the same exact amount of candy for each sack.  
It was daunting and so time consuming. 
There were a few times I lost it and felt like putting them all to bed. 
I got grumpy fast. 
Still, I helped Claire make her box 
(It had over 100 cupcake liners glued to thing) 
while Jane fed Charlotte (naked in her seat.) 
Jane wanted lots of glitter on her box in certain colors in certain spots.
Oliver didn't even care about his box- but I did- so I helped him make 
some cool patterns with Japanese tape. 
He was satisfied but never offered any feedback and continued to 
play with his plastic army guys and play Spider-man for most of the evening.
But even as all this commotion was going on, I noticed my children had no idea that dinner wasn't ready.  
They didn't know the house was a mess, or that it was chaotic.
They were happy and so excited.  
Some of that stress I had been carrying around that whole day melted away.
I could enjoy the evening too.  I could forget that I didn't make dinner 
and feel confidant that cheese, crackers, 
and fruit was going to be just fine tonight...really it would.
They never complained once.
Charlotte was a sweetheart too.  
She sat smiling in her highchair or on the floor watching her siblings.
This is what life is all about.
It's not perfect-or what we think perfect is.
 I am certainly grateful for those quiet evenings we share, 
when dinner is on the table at 6:30, dishes done, and bedtime stories read.
Or when the children brush their teeth and go to bed without a fuss.
But I am also grateful for the loud, rushed, hurried evenings too.  
They bring balance into our world 
and I think the children enjoy a different pace.
Valentines Day morning I set the table for our "love breakfast". 
 Mr. Nielson made his famous waffles.
The children were excited to leave the house with the
 creations the had made the night before.
Clane wanted me to kiss them on the cheek with my reddest lipstick.

After the children left, we had our sweet Savy-
{one of our amazing nieces going to UVU}
 come and watch Lottie while Mr. Nielson 
and I went on a lovers skiing adventure. 
It was the greatest skiing I have done to date.
 {that's us smooching on the bridge}
 {second ones down Bishops Bowl this morning- AHHHmazing}
{Happy Valentines Day Gerald}