Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter 2017

I hosted our Easter feast this year at Fox Hill,
 (2015, 2016)
It was just as beautiful as all the previous years.
To be honest, last year was actually a very hard Easter.  
The day before Easter I had found out about my brother Topher's ALS diagnosis.
It was hard information to take in.  
It was however quite appropriate to find out about this devastating 
news on Easter Sunday since Easter is about Christ's Resurrection,
meaning second chances-- at everything.
Which also means, I know that Topher won't actually die forever. 
His body will die, but HE won't.
And that beautiful promise is because of the Savior.
Christopher's news was hard- it was a punch to the gut, but never hopeless or doomed.  And that is one of the reasons I love Easter so much.  
This year I hosted my brother Andrew his wife Megan, their four beautiful children, 
my sister Lucy her husband Andrew, and their darling three children, 
and of course my parents.
Our Easter feast included:
-Ham (thanks mom and dad), 
Megan's green salad
Lucy's fruit salad
Andrew's traditional eggs (I call them fart eggs...they kinda stink).
My girls and I made 3-cheese scalloped potatoes (making up the recipe as we went).
Double rolls
Mr. Nielson's asparagus
and Megan B's lemon bars for dessert (THANK YOU MEGS!).
There was plenty of food and plenty of conversation.
After dinner we moved into the living room where we watched THIS VIDEO, 
and shared our thoughts and testimony about the Resurrection and the Savior.  
It was really a perfect Easter.  
Saturday is when we celebrate "Spring time" themed traditions 
(Easter baskets, hiding eggs, games, treats...etc), 
because I think it is important to keep Easter Sunday focused on the Savior.

Also to note, this may have been the first year I didn't dye Easter eggs. 
 My kids were disappointed, but sometimes when life is busy something has to give 
and this time it was dying eggs. 
In those cases I just smile and tell my kids 
"Welp, there is always next year!  Isn't that great news?"
(But I did manage to find amazing edible grass to fill the Little Nies baskets with).
I'm the best.

-Claire's beautiful Easter dress: Roolee Boutique 
(most of my girls modest church dresses are from here).
-Bunny plates: Williams Sonoma
-White dishware, goblets, linens : Target
-Lilacs: Neighbors house ;)