Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016

Around the Nielson home, we celebrate the Easter holiday on Saturday. 
The Little Nies hunt for eggs and Easter baskets and do other festivities
that have to do with bunnies, chicks, and other cute fuzzy animals
the day before Easter Sunday.
We made our Easter eggs look like fried eggs 
(thanks for the idea handmadecharlotte).
The girls had a lot of fun helping me dye then crack the eggs.
 The kids found their Easter baskets and ate plenty chocolate bunnies,
robin eggs, Cadbury eggs, and peeps.
This year inside the girls baskets was a gorgeous small engraved hand mirror.
Every lady must have a hand mirror in her purse.

Easter Sunday it is a much different story.
We honor and reserve that day as a very holy and beautiful one.
We celebrate the Savior and His miraculous Resurrection.  
We dress in our nicest and attend church- like we do each Sunday, 
but this day is different.  
We sing songs and talk of the renewal, forgiveness, peace, and
 happiness that only the Savior can offer.
This Easter Sunday we had a nice dinner with my parents, 
Lucy and her family, and a darling friend Emily, who is attending BYU.
It was actually a very somber dinner and quite frankly kind of emotional, 
but beautiful nonetheless and a wonderful tradition.