Monday, March 28, 2016

Holding Fast to Hope

Last weekend, I attended the General Women's Session
meeting with my girls, Lucy, my Mom, and dear friends.
It was beautiful in every sense of that word.  
Beautiful, comforting, and wonderful.  
Easter Sunday was a very emotional day for me.
These words by Jeffery R. Holland played and rehearsed
 in my head over and over:

I bear witness of that day when loved ones whom we knew to have 
disabilities in mortality will 
stand before us glorified and grand, breathtakingly 
perfect in body and mind. What a thrilling moment that will be! 
I do not know whether we will be happier for ourselves that we have 
witnessed such a miracle or 
happier for them that they are fully perfect and finally "free at last."
Until that hour when 
Christ's consummate gift is evident to us all, 
may we live by faith, hold fast to hope."

Jesus Christ changed everything. 
His death and Resurrection changed everything.
I love my family; that is all I can type right now.

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