Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It's just not the same as it used to be.

Out my window this evening I saw The Little Nies
busy jumping on the trampoline.
I love to watch them jump and scream and yell and laugh 
(and of course, they occasionally fight, which I don't love).
Tonight I was super jazzed because I wanted to show them a thing or two and
  I had some sweet tricks to share/show off.
 When I was little I was actually a whiz on the tramp and
I could do any trick possible and made up new ones, too.
I spent hours on the tramp with my sister Lucy and my cousins.

And's just not the same as it used to be.

I showed the kids a layout backflip, ariel front twist, 
and touched my toes in my famous cheerleading air splits.  
The Little Nies oohed and ahhed with each magnificent trick.  I felt really cool.
But each trick and bounce had me worried, I actually felt like I needed a diaper.
I finally confessed to my children I couldn't jump anymore and 
then laughed so hard I let it all go (and you know what I mean).
Then in a hysterical mess, I desperately took myself off the trampoline and
shamefully walked back to the house with the Little Nies yelling to me:

"It's OK, Mom we won't tell Dad!"

I share this information with you because I KNOW you know
 what I am talking about, and the first step is acknowledging the problem.  
There, I said it.
Time to really get serious with my kegel exercises.

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