Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Halloween Feast '16

Chatting today!!  Come!!

(Just so you know, I am going to write one more 
Halloween post after this one).

After school on Halloween, The Little Nies carved their pumpkins.
I put Claire in charge of the our Halloween music for the carving event,
and she choose three songs which played on repeat over and over and over.
Thriller, Monster Mash, and Ghostbusters- they are still playing in my head.

(Can you tell who's pumpkin belongs to who?)

After carving, the Little Nies quickly changed into their costumes before 
Mr. Justin Hackworth came over to snap a few photos.
He's been coming over to our house before trick-or-treating 
every Halloween for almost 7 years.  (Thanks Justin!)
Claire: Rosie the Riveter
Jane: Anne of Green Gables
Oliver & Nicholas: Ghostbusters. 
Using recycled old costumes and dress-ups from Halloween's past to 
create the best home-made Ghostbuster outfit I have ever seen!
Lottie: Cheetah. She has wanted to be a cheetah since May.
She actually wanted to be a "magenta" cheetah, but 
seemed satisfied with wearing purple tights.

I made our traditional Halloween feast.
It was a success.  I offered the usual:
Chili in pumpkin bread bowls, root beer with dry ice,
and of course a beautiful delicious cake 
(thank you Sweet Tooth Fairy!).

 This year for the feast, I created spooky "floating candles"
 to hang over my dining room table.
I think I nailed it.  It was actually really cool looking, 
even though our dinner was long
eaten and cleaned up before the candles actually glowed.
But when we got home from trick-or-treating around 9:00, they looked amazing.

And then off to trick-or-treat around our amazing neighborhood.
The End....for now.