Thursday, November 03, 2016

Claire turns 15

Last Saturday (October 29th), my beautiful Claire Elizabeth turned 15!
Can you believe it?!  FIFTEEN!!!!!!!!
I became a mother fifteen years ago, and it has been the best job 
and responsibility I have ever/will ever know.  
This year, Mr. Nielson and I decided to reenact the day Claire was born 
(minus the labor pains and Christian fainting on my stomach while in labor).
We drove the family to the hospital while 
listening to songs popular in 2001. 
The Little Nies pretty much HATED EVERY SINGLE SONG (Creed)
and Mr. Nielson and I sang along to EVERY SINGLE SONG.
When we got to the hospital, we pointed out the little window 
where Claire and I stayed for the night.
Then we drove the exact route from the hospital
to our tiny 100-year-old home in downtown 
Provo, where we carefully carried Claire to the front door.
And we reenacted that (minus the car seat and inflatable donut for me)

And I almost wet my pants laughing.
Claire, I love you; you are such a beautiful soul. 
 Happy birthday!

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