Monday, June 04, 2018

Another chapter

Today marks the first day of our journey into a new chapter of our lives!
We begin our cross-country move to North Carolina.
Saying our goodbyes to the Jones family
 (and our nearly three week
24-hour togetherness) was horrible.
But there was talk of an East Coast reunion in the fall,
so that was something to hold on to as we parted ways
out of their relaxing cabin.
 But today, our family will begin a new life, adventures, and experiences.
I will pull a U-haul behind my car while Christian pulls
our cattle trailer behind his truck packed with the
  necessary things that we'll need for the 
next year until our home is built.
In the meantime, we will rent a little home
in a great neighborhood in Chapel Hill.
And we don't have any furniture, so then there's that.
Mr. Nielson and I lay in bed after church yesterday 
with the mountain air blowing through the wide-open windows.  
We went over our calendar together. Not only is our big move
 a huge event in our lives, but June is a hectic
 month for us as we experience youth conferences, girls' camp, 
and scout camp in our new church ward (congregation). 
Also, Claire is going on a service project to Samoa in June with HEFY.
Then there is Father's Day, where we celebrate our wonderful
 father figures, and later in June, Angus turns ONE, and I turn 36, or wait, it's 37. Rats.

Can't wait to sleep in a Tulsa Best Western tonight
with five (probably) grouchy children, an exhausted husband,
and a very large dog.

Here's to the future!

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