Monday, August 12, 2013

Inspiriation music and Scout camp

 {Mr. Nielson braiding my hair- he is good at this}
 Today Mr. Nielson and a few other leaders are taking the neighborhood 
boy scout troop on a four day long Scout Camp.
He spent the afternoon after church personally checking each boys pack to make sure they have the essentials, you know like a sleeping bag, a tent, food, utensils, a bowl, and extra pair of clothes.
He also wanted to weigh the boy's packs to make sure someone isn't carrying a 
like a 100 pound bag full of jolly ranchers or something awesome like that.
I will miss him.  A lot.
I will spend the time without him staying in my pajamas organizing closets, 
and getting my little Nies ready for school.
I spent this last weekend organizing a closet downstairs that we call the "chokie."
When we moved into to this house, I was still very sick and still in the
 hospital when things were brought and put away.
 It was fun to see some of the things in this closet downstairs.
I came across a huge stack of CD's.
These CD's were inspiration music from well-wishers, 
loved ones, strangers and family while I was in my coma.
I listened to them again and felt very emotional.
I remember Mr. Nielson telling me they used to play these CD's in 
my hospital room. When I came out of my coma, 
 I vaguely remember a few songs that were played
during a painful dressing change or therapy session from my bed.
I am SO thankful to all the thousands of people who cheered me on during my time 
of need.  I am amazed at the love and out-pouring of encouragement.
Thank you so much.
I have some great music to listen to- again.
To Mr. Nielson,
Today you leave.  I will miss you.  Just so you know, I love when you make your famous soup.
I love it even more when you feed Lottie your famous soup. On the floor.
You are a good husband, father, and Scout leader.  I hope when our boys get older and into scouts, you are still the Scout leader.  You are a good man, and you care for each of these boys and want them to learn and grow up to be good men.
You should make your soup for the boys...
Hey, our 5th anniversary of the accident is coming up.  I am so glad we are alive!
We make a good team, you and I.
Love, me.