Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day post

 Father's Day 2013:

 Father's Day break-down:
* * * * * * * *
8:00- Wake up/breakfast
9:00- Church
12:15- Dishwasher breaks
 1:00- Mr. Nielson washes 2 loads of dishes by hand.
2:30- Mr. Nielson opens up his father's day goods.
2:45- Kids pile on Mr. Nielson, and I take photos.
2:55- Nicholas presents his father's day gift: a marshmallow man.
Classic Gigs!
2:56- Mr. Nielson eats marshmallow man.

3:12- Mr. Nielson takes a nap.
6:00- I cook up fresh trout (Saturday's catch) that Matt and the boys caught.

6:38- Mr. Nielson pops the father's day non-alcoholic Chardonnay.
7:12- We indulge in the lemon pound cake I made for dessert.
7:16- Freddie tries on my burn mask 
(great dress-up accessory).

9:12- Call my Dad in St. Louis to tell him how much I love him.
9:45- Charlotte goes to bed.
 11:04- Mr. Nielson does the dishes again by hand.

* * * * * * * *
 Mr. Nielson and I are speaking along with Elizabeth Smart
and Tania Beck."Independence through Commitment"
at Glenn Beck's 'Man in the Moon event at the
Grand America Hotel, Imperial Ballroom on July 5th, 3:00
Come to be inspired and empowered to be the person you are supposed
 to be--not as society would define you--for yourself and for those you love.
After, we will be on hand to sign books.
It would be fun to meet you!

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