Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Hospitals and heat.

Today I went back to the Maricopa Medical Center- for a doctor's visit.
It was fun to see sweet familiar faces.
I am so lucky to be cared for by such sweet, capable, and wonderful people.
I will need their care, support, and love all my life.  
I am going back on Thursday for more visits.
This hospital is a very sacred place for me.  
I died there, came back, got stronger, made friends,
and still continue friendships with those who saved my life.
 By the way, Arizona is hot.  

Mr. Nielson and Boss Nielson went to the ranch to do manly things
like chop firewood, fix stuff, farmer blow their nose
 all day long, and pee outside.  
Good times.
My little Nies went swimming twice today.
It's fun to be at GrandMary's house, even if we have
 found over 30 scorpions in her backyard.
 {Thanks to Jane for snapping photos of her lovebird parents}
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