Monday, June 19, 2017

The Father of the year

Happy Father's Day yesterday to my sweetheart and Father of my children, Mr. Nielson!
Also Happy Father's Day to my own father, my namesake, my Dad!
After church Mr. Nielson opened up a few gifts we picked out for him,
(such as an air soft pistol from the boys).
The girls and I cut out some of our favorite photos of Mr. Nielson
throughout the years
 and displayed them on the table along photos of Andrew 
since Lucy and her family joined us for dinner.

Jane folded the napkins into bowties for our table, and 
I made Mr. Nielson's favorite dessert, peach cobbler with we made
root beer floats for the kids.

After dinner we watched this beautiful video:

Thank you God for Fathers, and thank you God for my 
husband and my own father.