Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Weeks Worth of Meals

Each Monday morning, before anyone is awake,
 I sit at my kitchen table and plan the meals for the week.  
This takes me a good hour because I love searching for new
 menu ideas, plus I've started "Project Lunch" with the Little Nies. 
 They each have a designated day where they plan, cook, and clean up lunch. 
 It really is the best for me.
But today, we all sat around the kitchen table, looking through cookbooks
and searching recipes online.
Last week I wrote about our family's meatless diet,
I thought I'd share (with links) what we came up with for this week:

Martha Stewart

Minimalist Baker

 Lunch-Lottie/me: Potato Cakes 
(with leftover mashed potatoes from Sunday dinner),
Dinner: One Pan Pasta
*  *  *

Tuesday: Lunch-Claire: Grilled cheese sandwiches
 with quinoa salad (added feta)

*  *  *
Wednesday: Lunch-Jane: Fruit salad pops & carrot muffins
Dinner: Grilled salmon

*  *  *
Thursday: Lunch-Ollie: Veggie dogs/onion rings/smoothie
Dinner: My favorite Black bean burgers
(it's better if you soak the beans overnight).

*  *  *
Friday: Lunch-Nicholas: Upgraded Ramen noodles (minus chicken)
Dinner: OUT

*  *  *
Saturday: Lunch- Everyone: Eat everything in the fridge.
This means we eat leftovers again or make whatever we want.
Like the beans, I soaked on Thursday and make burritos, tacos, and nachos.
Dinner: Homemade Pizza//date night

*  *  *

Sunday: Lunch-Everyone: Again, we eat whatever we have leftover in the fridge.
Leftover pizza, chips/dip, hummus/pita bread, fruits, more beans...etc.
Dinner: Mr. Nielson makes a beautiful spread of vegetables,
I make a huge green salad, rolls, and fruit salads.

Then we do it all over again.

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