Friday, June 16, 2017


We spent a good portion of the day in our backyard and in the pool.
The Little Nies stayed in swimsuits almost all day.

Around 9:30, when the sun finally sunk behind the mountains, 
we wandered into the kitchen hungry.  
We cut up honeydew, made nachos, and drank lemonade--
It was one of those kinds of nights.  Is this summer or what?!

As I cleaned up my house before bed, I listened to my children talk to each other. 
 They are best friends.  They choose to be with each other, 
laugh with each other, and they support each other.  I wouldn't have it another way.
And they are how I know we will be OK when we move because as long
as we have each other, we can do anything.
me and Dad, 2000

This weekend I will celebrate my own father and the father of my children.
Happy Father's Day to the men in our lives!

Happy Weekend!!
Spiritual Enlightenment: Earthly Father, Heavenly Father

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