Monday, June 22, 2015

Fathers Day 2015

 Yesterday we celebrated our fathers.  It was a wonderful happy day.
The Little Nies wrote their father (Mr. Nielson) a sweet card and they also 
made up a song with darling words and sang it to him.  
For his gift, they picked out a potato masher and garlic slicer so he can 
perfect his famous mashed potatoes for Sunday dinner.
After church, Mr. Nielson snuggled up to his "gingers" for a nice Sunday nap,
 while I prepared for our Sunday Fathers Day dinner. 
Mr. Nielson cooked his famous potatoes (with the new masher)
and yummy cooked carrots while 
Andrew cut the roast he cooked and brought up to Fox Hill.
I thought it was kind of cute that the fathers made dinner. 
 It was sweet and selfless, just the way these men are.

 After dinner, the cousins took photos and ran around in the sun.  
I love Mr. Nielson because he is genuine and equally a wonderful "boy"
 father as he is a "girl" father.  
He loves his children and would do anything for them.
I am so thankful for his good strong heart and soul.
 And my, dad.  Well, I sure love that man.  You know, I am his namesake, and was his buddy my teenage years.  He took me on many of his camping horse trips. 
 I've seen some beautiful country in the saddle with my dad.  
Thank you dad for your love and support always.
I am so thankful for good men in my life.  They are respectful and good.