Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Time is flying by

I feel like this photo captured my weekend.
I don't even know why really, it just does.
It was busy.  Really busy. Time is flying by.
So busy that I didn't even post yesterday. (That's so not like me).
I spent the weekend with almost 200 youth in our 
area ages 14-18 at Youth Conference.  
It was a good time, and so much fun to be with Claire.  I loved watching 
her interact with all different types of kids.  She's such a beautiful person.
And also it reminded me that I am old.
I'm super old because I got home Saturday afternoon pretty exhausted, 
but the Little Nies were really excited to see and talk to me.
I got on my bed and couldn't move.  And then I fell asleep.

Apparently I agreed that Lottie could "do my hair" and then somehow
Nicholas and Ollie wrestled-- pretty much on me.
  I think Jane took these photos?
I must have been really tired because it's all a blur.
Remind me never to get drunk.
Today, Mr. Nielson left to the ranch for almost two weeks.
The Little Nies and I will join up with him when
 we attend the Nielson Family reunion later.
These summer days are fleeting and it makes me furious and sad.
The thought of school lunches, homework, and busy schedules brings
these achy feelings inside.  I'm not ready.
The girls have already gone online to pick out school clothes
and backpacks, but the boys are still stretching out their summer days
getting as much playtime in as possible.
Today they spent most the day with cousins having an epic army battle
on the hills.  They gear up and take it very seriously.
It's pretty cute.
Lottie and I mozy around the house reading books and drawing.
It's good to be a mother.