Friday, June 01, 2018

Soak it in

As Mr. Nielson and I drove our car out of Mesa and into the
 canyon bound for a cooler weather weekend in Pinetop, Arizona-
(where the Jones's have a cabin).
I looked out the window, then looked at him and remarked that this 
would be our last time in Arizona, probably-- for a little while.
We are planning on making our epic move to North Carolina on 
Monday, and don't have any return plans...yet, anyway.  
That's a weird feeling.  
I haven't slept too well these past few nights.
I know a lot has to do with my recent surgeries, but also 
because I am a little anxious.  I know a big change is coming, and
I am nervous about what I don't know in the future.
I am also excited.  I am excited as Mr. Nielson, and I design a new
home to be built on the quiet rural land we just bought.  
And by golly, I am excited to have my own bed again!!

But this weekend I am not going to think about the move.
I will enjoy my last few days with my best friend Lindsay
and good times with my children (and hers) and soak in every
glorious moment with Mr. Nielson.
Happy June!

* * * * * *
Spiritual Enlightenment:
"We all have a "today" to live, and the key to making our 
day successful is to be willing to sacrifice.
Sacrifices we make for others, 
and that others make for us result in blessings for all."

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