Thursday, May 31, 2018

My friend, Tab

As I walked out of Trader Joes with the Little Nies trailing
behind me, I saw a woman standing next to my car.
As I got closer I recognized who it was.
It was Tabitha! 
When we lived here in Arizona before the crash
Tab was my dearest next-door neighbor.
Tab and I shared mothering stories, fed each other's children, 
swapped recipes, and babysat kids. We spent many hot Arizona days in my 
living room or kitchen, talking or lounging out by her backyard pool.
I hadn't seen Tab since after August 16, 2008.
After the accident, I never went back to my house, 
and so I lost touch with a lot of friends and acquaintances.  
It seems like every time we are in town, we drive by our old
house and neighborhood, and so we drive by Tab's house too.
Her outdoor furniture is the same- but I feel so different and
 I just can't get myself to stop.
We were neighbors at this house on 1st Street.
  This is how Tab remembers me and my family. 

Seeing Tab in the parking lot brought back so many memories and feelings.
As we hugged I couldn't keep back tears. 
 She smelled the same which reminded me of my old life, 
which then reminded me of me and my life before the accident.
I was younger, healthier, and, I guess, a little more innocent.  
I looked into Tabitha's eyes with tears and told her that I was so
sorry for not keeping in touch with her, or visiting her, or
even sending an e-mail!
After the accident, all my confidence was wiped away 
and any memories and connections
with Arizona were too emotional for me to handle and so
I put it all behind me like a horrible dream.
But today, in the hot parking lot, she hugged me and 
said that knowing I was alive was all the reassurance and connection
she needed.  I felt peaceful and grateful.
We gulped at how our children have grown
and how we have gotten older (and wiser) too!
I am certain that God placed Tab in my path, and there are
no coincidences or ironies.  He is in charge.
I love Him and thank Him for the gift of seeing Tabitha.
Life is truly a gift, and relationships are too!
We exchanged information, 
and I know even if I am not next-door neighbors
with her, she will always be my friend Tab.

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