Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Trims and Rides

Our days here in Arizona are coming to an end.
Our home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is available June 1st, 
which means we will make our exit to the east in the next few days.
My heart aches as I type this because 
I know the goodbyes are inevitable and close.
Goodbyes to good friends and family, but also to the great West. 
It's sad. 
 And exciting.
Each night Christian and I join Spencer and Lindsay on the
 Wigwam for our nightly ride through the neighborhood and behind 
sleeping homes on the canals. 
Sometimes we pick up dinner, or sometimes we drive to the bakery
for a midnight treat and Dr. Pepper.
Sometimes we get close to home and then decide to keep going,
because we don't want these moments to end. 
Arizona's weather has been pleasant, and these 
night rides are refreshing.
It will forever be a highlight as we reflect back on our
 stay here in Arizona before our big move.
You can't believe how often I have tried to conjure 
ways to get the Jones's to follow us back east to live.  
We will miss them terribly!
Hilary stopped by to give trims.
We attempted to give Lottie a bob, 
but she chickened out last minute.
Maybe it was because we all stood in the kitchen watching her.

So Hilary curled my hair and trimmed my bangs
 then I went to bed for the rest of the day.
I wasn't feeling so hot today.
Phantom pain is REAL!

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