Thursday, July 19, 2018

Memories on a wall (and in a phone)

One of the first things I wanted to do when we moved to 
North Carolina was to make a family photo wall,
similar to the one in Fox Hill:
So a few days ago I sat on the couch and watched while Mr. Nielson
meticulously measured, hung, re-measured and hung again 
some favorite family photographs.
I can't wait until we build our new home because I have designed the
perfect wall JUST FOR framed photos.
It's going to be super cool.
It should be said that my favorite art is my children and our memories.
These gorgeous walls are possible thanks to Pinhole Press
who makes it super easy for me to enlarge and frame 
(all online) my favorite Nielson memories.
* * * * * 
Speaking of photographs:
A bunch of our favorite family photos have been taken
 by the talented Blue Lily
Wendy is a wonderful friend who travels the world taking 
unforgettable photographs of families.
Wendy is teaching a class about how to document your summer memories 
(or anything really) with just your iPhone and iMovie on your iPhone.

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to document a 
wonderful memory or make an impactful video, but not knowing how? (YES!).
Or how about that feeling that you get when you feel like 
your movie is turning out long and boring and not 
at all how the actual event felt? (YES, YES!).
Are you going on a vacation this summer and want to have 
great memories of it in video form?
(YES I AM! ).
In this course, you will learn tips, tricks and skills about how to
 create an interesting and memorable video with only your
 iPhone and iMovie on your iPhone. 
Blue Lily will cover everything from shooting on the iPhone to
 exporting the finished product in iMovie.
This course can be perfect for anyone beginning iPhone videography! 
From a parent wanting an awesome memory of their family vacation, 
to a social media enthusiast and beyond. 
This class is available to take at your own pace.

Check out this ultra affordable class HERE.
And please enjoy this sample iPhone video by Wendy: