Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Down to the River

About 10 minutes from the Harlow House is the Haw River, 
which is a tributary of The Cape Fear River.
 It's a slow river that I drive across almost every day
 doing errands and whatnot.
Because we have amazing friends who live here in NC,
 we've been let in on a few secrets of the beautiful Haw River;
 like where to go and what to do.
The Little Nies and Mr. Nielson visited the murky water
last 4th of July while I was sick in bed.
The Little Nies couldn't stop talking about it, 
and now it has become a family favorite.
We bring chairs, towels, lunch, and Angus and enjoy a humid afternoon
at the river.  The water is warm, and I am only slightly frightened
of water snakes.  But Lottie, Lottie has no fear!  

No people or leashes, just us- one reason I loved the ranch so much.
I am so grateful to live in a beautiful neighborhood 
surrounded by wonderful people,
but we are SO CLOSE TOGETHER, 
and I feel claustrophobic many days (most days).
So getting away and running wild feels so good.
Just ask Angus, who gets a little excited and has been known
 to jump on top of swimmers like me:
* * * * * * * 

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