Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Next year, and the year after that, and after that, and after that....

(Family walk in the woods, July 17th )

I got an e-mail yesterday from a woman who asked me:
"Why are you so stupid to actually think that people 
give a flying crap (except she didn't say crap)
 about what you write on a daily basis?!"
I guess I might be silly to think people care,
 but then I remembered how cool it is
 to believe that I can know (with photos) about what I did
a year ago today:

(#afterchurchnies Sunday photo in Provo)

Or three years ago today:

(Me on the grass at Deer Valley, Utah)

 Or even five years ago today:
(Family photos: Me with Lottie)

In fact, I can know what I did TEN years ago today!
(Which I re-read and cry):
(Ollie 3, and Gigs 1, in Mesa Arizona 2008)

That's actually kind of cool invaluable information my children
(and my husband) will have, and they will have it forever.  
A lot of what the Little Nies remember when they were young was
because they read it and re-read it on my blog.
So I guess I know at least six people  
that give a flying crap.  And my mom, she gives a flying crap too.
So, I will keep doing it because I can't wait to see (even if you don't)
what happens next year, the year after that, 
and after that, and after that......

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