Friday, July 17, 2015


This morning when my alarm went off at 6:00 am, I cringed.  
I actually hate waking up early because I stay up way too late and the 
worse part about that is, I know it and I don't care.
I know when it's 11:45 pm and I am dying to stay up with Mr. Nielson that
I will ALWAYS pay for it in the morning, but somehow I still don't care.
I love doing anything together at night when the day is 
over and everything is quiet and nothing matters. 
 The children are asleep, the work is done, and we both can relax.

In the mornings, I get up and hike the Y .  That's what I do
and actually, I really love doing it, even when I am a zombie.
This morning after I turned off my alarm I walked into my closet to
dress for my hike.  I sat sat down on the carpeted floor in my closet and pulled
my pants up to my knees.  I stopped and lay my head down just to "rest my eyes",
and I woke up an hour later with my pants to my knees, in a panic.
I remembered as I finished dressing about when I was in high school,
and I would fall asleep in the shower.
My brother Jesse would pound on the door yelling
to me that he was leaving the house in 10 minutes with or without me.

When I came home from my hike today, the children were up and at it.
Do you have (or have heard) of the Zoo - ology or Almost Everything books?  
They are fantastic books that should be in everyone's libraries.
Our God Mother Reachel gifted them to us, and I am so grateful.  
The Little Nies look, copy, and trace endlessly for hours.  

 Have a very happy weekend.  See you on Monday!! 
 We are getting ready to head to the Ranch for a few weeks as
 our last "hooray" for Summer.  
I can't even believe I am typing that.  This Summer has gone WAY TO FAST!
(yes please!!)