Friday, January 15, 2016

Family memory wall

I've always wanted a wall in my home where I could display the
 'best of the best' photographs of my little family.
I've teamed up with Pinhole Press to make this wall a dream come true.
My children are my crowing glory and to honor my family and 
my devotion to them, I created this memory wall.
I'd like to add more frames to the wall as we continue making memories
and I might also update the photos as we get older.

Thanks to Mr. Nielson and his perfectionist personality 
for hanging the frames flawlessly. 
It takes a lot of patience (and love for me) to stick with this project.
I think it would take something terribly disastrous for 
those babies to come down.
 Special Thanks to Justin Hackworth and 
Blue Lily (who has announced their 2016 schedule)
for taking such amazing photographs which I cherish so deeply!
Ordering my framed photos from Pinhole press was so easy!
I picked my favorite photos on my computer and uploaded 
From there you pick the size of the photo and your frame color,
and within days your masterpiece has arrived on your front door.

 I use Pinhole Press for the Little Nies Valentines Day cards
  Easy to use with beautiful results!

* * * * *
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