Friday, May 30, 2008

The Coops Cured

When it starts to get triple didgs here in AZ, you spend some good quality time inside.
"Cooped up" is another word for that which essentially means "I am BORED!"
In Mesa, you can use the word cooped like this:

Oliver: Mom I am have the coops"
Mom: Oh darn, I hate the coops, why don't you go find all the blankets in the house and tuck Jimmy in for a nap?
Try it!

No coops this weekend, my plans include:

Yoga Saturday morning.
Teaching the silhouette class at the studio Saturday morning 10-11 Come!
Send Mr. Nielson off on another night cross country flight.
Make the Amish Friendship bread Tab gave me. Finally! After 10 days of squashing it we finally get to make it! (no Court, I wont be using my Easter cups) Anyone want some??? Amish rule is you HAVE to send it on to three other friends (sounds totally MLM to me!)
Mr. Nielson takes me on a date to see Indiana Jones. (need babysitter....Maddy?)
{Ms. Jones and Spence you guys still on for a little Indi action?}
Get 150 names on Boss Nielson's petition form-he's running for something or other.
Feed the ducks the left-over salmon-burger buns.
Car shop with Mr. Nielson (FYI... I really like '64 mustangs)
Clean the Lazona Estate.
Prepare for church.
Make paper chain with girls. 21 days until UTAH.

Spiritual Enlightenment here.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wall art and top-hats.

The kids filled up my hall wall with their colorful art.
Mr. Nielson and I spent an entire evening after the
children were in bed laughing at what was created.
For instance, anything drawn by 3 year old Ollie is a classic.
We love Claire's "The Jane and Tarzan series". So anatomically correct
(if you know what I mean)

Jane's "cowboy family"really depicted our family nicely, each with very unique cowboys hats on. Unfortunately it caused some tears because Claire's hat ended up looking more like a show-girl top hat than cowboy hat.

This just in:
In a e-mail today from the Netherlands, Sia kindly informs me that
Oliver's photo shoot post was misinforming.
Her e-mail read:
Hello Stephanie
Your blog is a delight to read, I enjoy your posts a lot - they always have this positive feel to it. I just read your post Ollie goes to Hollywood. That must have been quite an experience, a photo shoot!
Just a note, that the website you're referring to is a Dutch website, not a Danish one.
If you ever need a translator (Dutch-English)... :-)
cheers from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

- Sia
Thank you Sia!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Mr. Nielson checks the friendly skies on his map.
Last night he and his instructor flew together on their
second cross-country flight-this time at night.
We are that much closer to fun-filled-family-flights.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ollie goes Hollywood.

Last January, my-talent-agent-of- a-mother-in-law (Mary) called to enlist my girls to be in a Danish children's clothing magazine.
I spruced up my girls in the cutest clothes they owned took them to Mary's so she could take them to Scottsdale for the audition. Except when I dropped them off Oliver cried. He wanted to go too, and since I have the best Mother-in-law on the planet,
she took him along for the "ride".
Turns out they liked him- liked him a lot(Crazy teeth and all) and not the girls.

I had the pleasure of taking him on a chilly day to the photo shoot were we tried on a billion different outfits in a large heated trailer. We ate chocolate donuts provided by the Danish-speaking photographers, designers, and make-up artists.

That cap is so "newsies" I love it!
After the photographer made the 1000 gagillionth farting noise to get the boys to laugh, it was a wrap. And very cool.
If you can read Danish (Wes?) then go here to the site. Pretty cool stuff.
Since the catalog is for the winter, I think his online "cameo" wont appear for a while.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The weekend review.

Just a few noteworthy items:

1. It rained like the dickens Thursday-Saturday. It was the best days EVER! I spent most of my days out on the porch swing while the kids played with rain-boots and umbrellas.

2.Courtney had her baby! I was keeping serious tabs on that woman for 2 whole

(click on chief for more info)
days. I feel so left out living miles away, but so happy she had that doll safe and sound. I will not post baby's name since she hasn't announced it yet.

3. Claire passes kindergarten and will successfully be a first-grader in August...whew!

(this is us at the program)
4. Oliver gets lost at Claire's kindergarten end-of-year program. For 15 minutes I seriously think he'll return safe and sound.
Then I get worried and my hands begin sweating.
Then I pace the auditorium like a mad woman searching for my Ollie.
No Ollie.
25 minutes go by and I panic, in desperation I call Mr. Nielson and cry. "I can't find Oliver and why aren't you here, you should be here-this wouldn't have happened if you were here" then I hang up on Mr. Nielson and run outside where it is poring rain.
Then I hear over the P.A.
"We have a little boy in the office, his name is Oliver. He is wearing his little brothers shorts and they look awesome" (just kidding about this last part-but he was, they looked like 1950's gym shorts)
Apparently he helped some lady in the lunch room put ice cream in the freezer, helped himself to left-over lunch snacks and won the hearts of the ladies. That's my boy!

(moments before Oliver escapes.)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Grilled pizza on the back porch.

Today was irrigation day. If you don't know what that is, I'll tell you.
Its when your house turns into a muddy mess for about 3-4 days and you have to vacuum like every 4 seconds. Oh, and it waters your lawn and turns it into a huge lake.
Mr. Nielson rolled up his jeans, and put on his wellies. Oliver followed.
I turned on the grill and made pizza.

I made two kinds. White pizza with 4 different kinds of cheese and the classic margarita pizza. Mr N. and I love to put greens on our pizza. Yum-a-rooski.

Then Gigs burned his hand on the grill and Jane changed her outfit 4 times AND opted out on the homemade pizza and had Kashi cold cereal. Crazy I say! Crazy.
Every day I patiently sit and wait for my Courtney to call me and tell me that the chief is coming. I get text's from Lucy instead (I'm NOT complaining) Tuesday's was "Arch has it in the bag" I had no idea what she meant...something to do with American Idol. Then yesterday she texted me "I am so sad"... something to do with American Idol again-which I don't watch. Then she texted me about 7 pictures of cute dresses.
I love my sisters.
Still waiting Court!

Spiritual Enlightenment here.
Have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's good to be King.

Even though this crown goes with a princess dress
and a pair of heels, today it is Oliver's King crown.

As for a bonus picture, this is me and Mr. Nielson at a recent party in Scottsdale. Do I look like a Norwegian troll? I kind of think I do, I think it is my Scandinavian nose/cheek bones. And my husband, well he looks down-right H-O-T.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is why Mr. Nielson is going to fly airplanes.

We all jumped in the car prepared for a fun family outing.
That "Fun" turned into Gigs' own personal back seat Hallelujah chorus.
He screamed about the time we got onto the 202 and
didn't stop until we reached our destination.
All I could think about was this summer.
Summer. Vacations. Cars. (dun dun dunnnn)
Oh boy.
Then Mr. Nielson reminded me as we sunk our teeth into some delectable pizza from LGO that he was for that very reason getting his pilots license. It was true! Utah would only be a 2 hour trip than a 9 hour trip plus good quality screaming.

Strap some headphones on the kids, and we will be in Utah before you know it.
I'm going to have a bitchin' summer.
(did anyone write that in your yearbook?)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Rumble and an announcement.

What do these two photographs have in common?

Exhibit A:
A beautiful Arizona storm
Exhibit B:
Nicholas eats too many peaches.
A rumble in the south area. (if you know what I mean)
This kid pooped so many times, I lost count.
Holy bazolli, I love gray skies.
Holy crapazoid it was like 111 today in Phoenix. Don't so much love that.

To whom it may concern:
Blissful Living Studio Ad

Please visit our site for more information.

Call today and mention this email to receive $5 off of your first class!*
(offer limited to one per person please!)


Kristin Alber
Blissful Living Studio

*offer good now through June 30th./ not valid on Heather Bailey class
We reserve the right to reschedule classes and workshops if minimum participants are not enrolled.
Thank you for your cooperation!

So there. Come. I teach yoga (m-th-7-8pm-sat 9-10am). I teach a silhouette class(may 31). Come. Seriously come.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Mr. Nielson recently got home from a business trip to San Fransisco.
When the car pulled in the garage 4 happy little children ran out to greet the families breadwinner. Daddy was home. I was in the kitchen, preparing dinner. Perfect timing.
Mr. Nielson bounded through the door with the children practically stuck to his body.
In his hands were a dozen deep red roses wrapped in newspaper.
It was a sweet welcome home gift.
We pondered over the weekend what pulls our time. Work, yoga, airplanes,travel, blogging, and school. It was another vivid reminder that what matters most is what is non of the above, but rather what abides with us in our humble home.
Our Marriage + Our Children = Treasure.
Claire, Jane Bronwyn, Oliver and of course our little critter the gigs Nicholas.
Our marriage matters most, and our church activity.
With the right perspective, life is actually very wonderful. Really it is.
I saw a funny bumper sticker yesterday on a beat-up jalopy. It read:
"Don't be fooled by my car, my treasure is really in heaven."
Is my treasure in heaven? I believe it is, and I believe my home is heaven on earth.

Friday, May 16, 2008

My tub was really dirty.

After a long day at work, Mr. Nielson whisked his family to the local duck pond.
I brought the left-over garden-burger buns
(which were eaten mostly by Gigs beforehand in the car).
Jimmy tormented the ducks and snarfed the bread the children were tossing to the ducks.
That was annoying.
Then for some strange reason all my children stripped down to their undies
and took a dip in the pond. It was really gross.
After, a tub was in order, which Mr. Nielson actively took care of. All the children in one tub. You should have seen my tub. It was so gross I am not even going to tell you about it.

Do you want to see what is in my fridge? go here.
Do you want some spiritual enlightenment? Go here.

Have a lovely weekend.