Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cinco de Mayo 2008

Our 3rd annual Cinco de Mayo party was a hit.
The noche was beautiful, with a cool breeze that kept
us all talking late into the evening.

What would a Cinco de Mayo party be without a pinata? 
 And, of course, we served plenty of drinks like Sangria, treats, and desserts.
(Including my especial Mexican chocolate cake infused with cayenne pepper),
I also had popcorn handy for the kids, accompanied by Jumex juice boxes
for the outdoor movie.

We decked out the Mulberry Bungalow with flags, treats, and even
costumes for the kids to play in.
We played the adorable cartoon "Spirit" on the big screen, 
and in the end, I think Ollie was
the only kid left watching it.  He really loves that movie!
And, apparently, he really loves my chocolate cake, look at his mouth!
I was afortunado enough to have Lucy and Andrew visiting to help
me set up the eventos!

Until next year!
Buenas Noches!!!

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