Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ollie goes Hollywood.

Last January, my-talent-agent-mother-in-law
called to enlist my girls to audition as models 
for a Danish children's clothing magazine.
I spruced up my girls in the cutest clothes they owned
 and took them to Mary's so she could take them to Scottsdale for the audition. 
 Except when I dropped them off, Oliver cried and cried.
He wanted to go too, and since I have the best Mother-in-law on the planet,
she took him along for the "ride."
But turns out that the magazine liked HIM a lot, and HE got the job!

I enjoyed taking him on a chilly day in January to the photo shoot.
We met in the desert in the middle of nowhere 
and tried on a billion different outfits in a large heated trailer. 
We shared chocolate donuts with the other kid models and the 
Danish-speaking photographers, designers, and make-up artists.

After the photographer made the 1000th
farting noise to get the boys to laugh for the best photo. It was a wrap. 
 And turns out, it was all very cool.

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