Friday, May 23, 2008

Grilled pizza on the back porch.

Today was irrigation day.
 (Or some might call it "irritation day". Somedays I know I do!).
If you don't know what that is, I'll tell you.
This is when your house turns into a muddy mess for about 3-4 days,
 and you have to vacuum the floors like every 4 seconds. 
 Oh, and it turns your lawn into a huge lake.
After work, Mr. Nielson rolled up his jeans and put on his wellies
to do some "checking up on" and "looking into" in the backyard
and our watery mess outside...which apparently is normal.
There is so much I need to learn about this state.
 Oliver followed him out the door.
I turned on the grill and made pizza.

I made two kinds; white pizza with 4 different kinds of cheese and 
the classic margarita pizza. 
 Mr. Nielson and I love to put greens on our pizza.

Then Gigs burned his hand on the grill, and Jane changed her outfit 4 times.
Then she opted out of the homemade pizza and ate cold cereal.
 Crazy I say! Crazy.
Every day I patiently sit and wait for Courtney to call me
 and tell me that the chief is coming.
But instead, I get texts from Lucy. (I'm NOT complaining). 
Tuesday's text was "Arch has it in the bag".
 I had no idea what she meant...something to do with American Idol. 
 Then yesterday she texted me "I am so sad".  
Again, I figured it was a reference to American Idol, and
probably cute young Mormon boy David Archuletta.
 Then she texted me about 7 pictures of her cute dresses.
I love my sisters.
....Still waiting Court!
* * * * *

Spiritual Enlightenment here.
Have a fantastic weekend!
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