Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Mother Heart, Day 1

On a beautiful October day, I sat in the nursery rocking chair 
with my favorite apron on, my hair clipped up, and bare feet.
I was holding baby Nicholas in my arms,
his little eyes were shut and he was snoring soundly.
Oliver was playing with his blocks near my feet and my two beautiful daughters 
lay snug on the floor in blankets whispering and laughing to each other
 with a big pile of books nearby.
 My husband sat on the carpet near the girls and he never looked more handsome. 
 I noticed his hands and his strong arms that care and caress my every need.
 His every breath is devoted to caring for his family and serving God.
I was more aware of this moment around me because I was listening to the
most beautiful sermon ever given to Mothers, by Julie B. Beck
during General Conference.
Her words sank into my heart and awoke my spirit with truth and light.
 Tears filled my eyes and dripped down onto my apron.
I had birthed and prepared a home for these precious spirits 
that surround me. 
 They consume my every thought and dictate my every action.
I can proudly proclaim that I am a Mother!
Part of me wanted to crawl into a corner and sob like a baby. 
I needed to take it all in and crying felt like a good start.
 The Holy Ghost was speaking truth to my spirit and to my core,
 and my emotions were no match for the commanding words that I was hearing.
I was ready to start fresh and be the best mother in the world.
I have every tool needed, including an unwavering husband 
who can stand up with the Mother of his children and side by side take on
“rulers of the darkness (in) this world”
I love, respect, defend, and sustain every Mother everywhere 
for their service, the sleepless nights, homemade meals, heavy tasks, 
all the laundry loads, kisses and tears, 
the diaper changes, the cleaning, decorating, 
and red lipstick efforts!
For the next few days, my blog will feature and highlight my
favorite parts of the talk that
changed my life because I want to be:
A Mother Who Knows.

vig·i·lance n
1. the condition of being
watchful and alert, especially to danger.

Eternal influence and power in Motherhood.
"The responsibility mothers have today has never required more vigilance.
When mothers know who they are and who God is and have made covenants
 with Him, they will have great power and influence for good on their children".

(Claire's interpretation of the second coming)

mul·ti·ply1 v 
1. vi: to increase in number.
"Mothers Who Know Bear Children God's commandment for 
His children to multiply and replenish the earth remains in 
force Faithful daughters of God desire children"

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