Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Fishing, Flooding, & Friends

The big news today was when Gigs asked Lottie if she
wanted to go fish the pond.
She was beyond excited.
They pumped up their bike wheels at the old shed, and
off they went together somewhere deep in the trees.
(Tick City is what I call it).
I hope he's nice to her, and I hope Lottie doesn't get sunburned.
Christian and took the garbage to the dump, then
stopped by the newly opened Dunkin Donuts (meh)
to get a box of Munchkins and a lemonade. (Meh, meh).
But everything tastes better and is infinitely more fun
 when I'm with Christian, so it doesn't matter that it was Meh.
I watered my hanging fern on the front porch and discovered a nest of little
sparrows inside, and all this time, I've been totally unaware that they
were even in there. 
 I've been flooding their little nest probably every morning.
One popped out today with major bedhead and was like, 
"that's it, I'm done!"
Then he flew away.
Well, you're welcome!
Later, we had a delightful visit from an old friend,
sister Smith (not Smith anymore, since she's married).
She's just as gorgeous as ever.
It was so fun to catch up and reminisce about the time when she
and her  companion lived with us while we sheltered in place 
while Hurricane Florence took over the state.
They look like sisters!

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