Thursday, June 20, 2024

News From Stillestead

 Here's the news from Stillestead:

1. WE NEED RAIN! It's so dry and yellow.
Like late August yellow.
But my Zinnias bloom every day, and they are darling!
It's making me sooo happy, and
my corn in the garden is popping up in rows.
(Did Tim McGraw just "pop" in your head like he did mine?)

2. Gigs' goats escaped. Again.
And the fence we bought for the
goats and hens don't keep them (the hens) contained, 
so they keep coming to my front porch to poop, and then
indulge in a dirt bath in my garden beds.
 I'm going mad.
Plans for that dilemma are still in the works.

3. Kitty is making a full recovery!
She's stronger and healthier every day and eats
all her kitty food!  I'm so happy about that outcome!

That's from the farm.

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