Friday, June 21, 2024

Love Wins!

Last night, my sister, Page, pulled up to Stillestead
Claire picked her up on her way home from work, 
and they both walked in the door around 1:00. 
Then, like true sister fashion, we stayed up until 4:30, catching up.
Then, early this morning, Christian drove the girls, Page, and me
to Emerald Isle for the day.
This is, hands down, my favorite beach.
Whenever Christian is outnumbered by females, he says,
"Well, it's just us girls".
It makes us all laugh, and my heart pounds a little deeper
for this wonderful man who is so good to us gals!
(Gigs was at work and couldn't join us).
Christian and Page have very similar personalities
and very different political and social ideals,
calling for some interesting and lively conversations.
But love always wins and they can agree to disagree.
I watched my three beautiful girls play in the ocean, swimming 
and ducking waves, collecting shells, and lying out together
 like the best of friends, ignoring the ten-year gap 
between the Clane and Lod.
Just like me and Page.
I was in mommy (and sister) heaven.

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