Saturday, June 22, 2024


This morning, we all slept in.  
Well, except Christian, he never sleeps in. 
 He's up early with his other ladies 
(like I said, he's always outnumbered by ladies). 
 One of our mama cows is due any day, and we've been on high alert, 
especially since last week, we lost a heifer. It was heartbreaking.
No babies this morning.
Page and I sat on the porch swing and talked for hours.
Talking about everything.
Learning, growing, healing, and confiding with each other.
Page is very good at conversation, and I'm not really.
I'm trying to be.
But her communication skills are very well-tuned,
and we've had a little gap between us in past years,
and we're working on closing that up and
loving and forgiving.  
And it takes a lot of work, but recognizing that we're different
has made a lot of difference.
Lots of validation, honesty, and respect.
Around 6, we decided to head to the store and grab a few ingredients
for dinner.  It's fun to go to the grocery store with a guest.
Everything is more fun with a guest in town,
even the mundane task of heading to the 'ol Food Lion.
Meanwhile, Kitty reclined on her exquisite new red velvet pillow, 
in the shape of a pair of luscious lips.
She's doing so good.

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