Thursday, September 13, 2018

Unbelievable destruction

In preparation for Hurricane Florence, about 30 Mormon missionaries
 were evacuated to escape its wrath.
Our family is hosting two beautiful sisters who are serving in Swansboro
 (a quaint small town on the North Carolina Atlantic coast).
 The sisters will be with us for however long
 it takes for the hurricane to pass by, and it's safe for them t
o go home- if there is a home left to go home to.
Gas stations around me are officially all dried up and closed.
We are ready to just hunker down and wait.
I had the weather channel on all day, listening to updates and alerts.
They say this storm will cause "unbelievable destruction."
I feel safe in our home, knowing we have two of God's servants
under our roof.  Maybe Florence will just pass us by.

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