Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Guys, I Think She's Going To Make It

 This morning, I woke up early, anxious to see if Kitty had 
made it through the night, and I went outside
and Kitty was not only alive but alert!!
She greeted me at the door and meowed while I filled up her food and water.
I picked her up, and she acted sooooo much better!
I was nearly in tears watching her play with my shoelace.
I think that disgusting worm was slowly killing her, 
but now that it has been removed, I think she's going to make it.
I ran inside the house with Kitty in my hands, and holding
her up in the air, I yelled to the sleeping house:
"Guys! I think she's going to make it!"
Christian carefully administered the flea medicine to her, 
and I added some wild-grain rice along with scrambled eggs
to her regular food. 
I'm on a mission to fatten her up.
The girls were gone most of the day shopping, and who knows
what else they were up to.
I love that they have each other.
Occasionally, throughout the day, I'd get texts from them like,
"Mom, send me a pic of your eye."
You know, things like that.
Christian and I met them at Culver's for dinner.
They were making me laugh, and I couldn't have been happier.
Kitty was waiting for us on the front porch when we got home.
She's so much better!
I fell asleep a very happy mommy.

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