Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Punny is 12!

Early this morning, I checked in on Lottie who was still snoozing.
I took a photo of her sleeping peacefully and found a similar photo
of her sleeping when she was just weeks old.
How time flies!
When she finally got up, I made her the Nielson birthday breakfast
of pancakes, fruit, and whipped cream.
She opened a few gifts:
Tortilla blanket and University of North Carolina shirt.
Lottie's birthday wish was to go to lunch with the family (Chipotle)
then have a family soccer game.
It was so much fun, and so funny!
The team was Jane, me, and Gigs against Lottie and Christian.
And they dominated!
I mean, I totally talked myself up, bragging I was on a 
the Provo Strikers, a competitive soccer team in Junior High.
I was pretty good.
I feel SO OLD!
Our family is headed for a rematch 
(preferably on a day Claire doesn't work).
I'm going to wear different shoes and not eat a giant burrito
15 minutes before game time.
The most important part was that Lottie had the best time!
After, we went to Lottie's favorite boba/frozen yogurt joint in Durham
where she filled her bowl up with every yogurt flavor and 
with every topping available.
You're only 12 once! 

We went home and played games upstairs
 while she opened the rest of her gifts.
I am soooo thankful it's Spring Break!
Then Ollie got to call her to wish her a Happy Birthday!
She showed him her birthday Messi outfit and her new Puma shoes
The last part of the day was to blow out the candles on 
Lottie's shrimp cake.
We're not sure why she wanted a shrimp cake,
but we sure had fun making it!
One day, we'll look back and laugh!
I love you, Punny!

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