Sunday, March 12, 2023

Packing up Elder Nielson.

 This morning we woke up to...are you ready for it?
Well, slushish-snow...but it was white and cold and on the ground!

After church, we spent the whole day upstairs getting Ollie packed up.
Putting his whole life for two years in three
suitcases was satisfying. It was a group effort, 
and we must have sent Lottie downstairs
15 times to grab more zip lock bags, chips, or something to drink.
She was a champ!
We reviewed essential skills like ironing his white shirts 
and folding his clothes. When things felt heavy, we'd try and talk about something else, like packing up
his impressive shoe collection (particularly his Jordans and NOT his
goofy Yeezy shoes. Bruuuhhh.  I just threw up in my mouth).
In the evening, Ollie's cute friend, Remi, came to say goodbye and 
drop off a little treat for him.
Lottie had sewn him a little Boggo character out of
the Brazillian flag. It was adorable, and
he immediately put it in his carry-on bag!
We took a break from packing, made a fire in the fireplace and 
Christian and Ollie made burritos. Ollie made me one last burrito
(in my favorite 3D style); I made Dr. Pepper drinks for
everyone who wanted it: Ok, so for me, Lod, and Gigs.
When Remi left, we went back upstairs 
and packed everything; my heart was heavy!  
We zipped up his bags, picked out his outfit for the next day,
and made sure everything was ready in his carry-on bag,
 including his plane tickets, passport, 
license, immunization records, earplugs, and tissues.
We gathered around in my room while Christian gave Ollie a
father's blessing. It was beautiful and positive, and it will carry Ollie
while he is away from us. I know it.
Then we all jumped in my bed and watched his favorite show, the show
he'd watch over and over and over again as a little boy,
Treasure Planet. 
Everyone fell asleep, and I looked at Ollie's face while he slept.
I couldn't contain my tears.
I prayed to ask the Lord to bless me and help me
get through this. I and so heartbroken but so excited; I'm everything!
After the movie was over and I was the only one awake, I woke up Ollie 
to tell him to get in his bed; instead, we went back to the part he
fell asleep at, and we rewatched Treasure Planet.
Usually, I'd have rather died, but tonight, Ollie could have asked
me to do anything, and I'd have done it!
Then everyone went to bed in their own beds.
Around 3:30, Christian got up, got ready, then left for the airport
for a business trip in San Fransico, his plane departing at 6:00 am.
He went upstairs and said goodbye to Ollie, then left.
I couldn't go back to sleep. I was so teary!
Why does it feel like he's dying?

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