Saturday, March 11, 2023

Jantar de Despedida for Elder Nielson.

Today was Ollie's last prep day before take-off on Monday.
We woke up early and drove to Target for last-minute shopping
supplies, and of course, I forgot my shopping list, so together, we tried
to remember everything on it.
We actually got 90% of the things we needed, forgetting
the batteries for his watch.
I savored every second of being with him, laughing with him,
and picking out good-smelling lotions and hair stuff.
There was that one time when I told him to get Imodium in case he 
got diarrhea, and he got furious at me because, 
apparently, I said it really loud.
Then I asked him where he'd like to go together for one last little
lunch date and American food.
He wanted Chick-fil-A's delicious waffle fries and frosted lemonade.
So that's where we went.
We came home, and I started dinner for Ollie's party.
Claire's farewell dinner was very similar to Ollie's in 
decorations since she went to Brazil too,
and I cooked many of the same foods.  
I felt bad that the girls weren't there to celebrate with us, but I took many
photos and videos, and we video-chatted with Claire.
Of course, I made his favorite Frog Eye Salad, 
with a hearty salmon salad and bread.
I also served something that looked gross and came in a big can
but tasted like fruit roll-ups.  I've heard it's really popular in Brazil.
When Claire got home from her mission last August, she brought back
a can, and tonight we used it!
It was paired with lovely salty white cheddar cheese.  
Of course, we drank GuaranĂ¡, and I made his favorite
 Mexican chocolate cake with cinnamon frosting.
We listened to Brazilian jazz, and inevitably, I cried a lot.
We went to his room to start organizing his stuff to pack up, 
But I felt really emotional, and we didn't get very far.
Lottie has nicknamed Ollie "Boggo" because she's obsessed with this
Youtube character whose name is Boggo. (I have no idea why she calls him that!).
Yesterday at school, she asked everyone in her class 
(including her teacher) to write
a little message on a goodbye card she had made for him
then, tonight at dinner, she presented it to him.
It was so cute!
I know these changes are hard for her!
Meanwhile, Gigs's side of the room looks like this:
It was a really great time for him to put together an aquarium for
his frogs while we're trying to pack up Ollie.

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