Thursday, April 04, 2024

Spring Cleaning

 I woke up this morning with high hopes and plans for
 Stillestead Spring cleaning/gardening.

My list included:
-Mow the lawn
-Trim all bushes
-Cut back Spring flowers in beds
-Plant Zinnia seeds
-Plant Purple Crawling Thyme in walkway cracks
Well, I started with #1 on my list: mow the lawn, but immediately
ran over some hidden rocks in the backyard, which put a huge
dent and hole in the mower, which caused the belt to snap.
That unfortunate event
put me back an hour while Christian fixed the damage.
While he was fixing it, I decided to get Gigs to start trimming
the bushes, which he did while I began weeding and preparing
the garden beds for my Zinnia seeds.
Then, Gigs left with his friends to float the Haw River.
The water is like 50 degrees.  
But 17-year-old boys don't even know what that even means.
He left all the tools he used out on the lawn because why should
he have to do the work AND put the tools away, too?  Duh!
Christian told me he had fixed the mower.
For now, anyway.
"Fixing" meant he found some contraptions and chains and 
whatever else in the shed, and put the mower back
into working order- for today since he'll have to use his welder and
do some real fixing later.
He told me that when it is fixed, it will run like a Lamborghini.
I can't wait for that!
So I gingerly used the mower and was really careful to not run
over rocks or golf balls hidden in the lawn.
Christian is a master and can fix ANYTHING!
I got all the jobs that I wanted to do done!
And as per usual, while working in the garden, my knee skin grafts
are scraped up and a bloody mess.

I need me some knee pads!

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