Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Shrimp Cake Sith Lord

We talked to Ollie (who looked like a Sith Lord) today.
He's doing so good.  
I know he is thriving.  He's leading, he's growing, and he's sharing
the greatest news about the Savior to his friends in Brazil.
(But not while dressed looking like a Sith Lord).
He's so adorable:
I made Lottie's birthday cake (she requested it to look like a shrimp)
while we chatted on the phone.
Often, I hear myself singing "I love technology" in Kip's
voice from the movie, Napoleon Dynamite.
I was on Brane duty.
I fed him and made sure his little nest was warm.
He's much more active now. 
Tomorrow is Lottie's 12th birthday!  I can't believe this girl is
growing up so fast!

Enjoy this rousing rendition of
Called to Serve in Portuguese.
I LOVE these missionaries and their mission leader,
 President Rollins!
Can you spot Ollie???

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