Sunday, October 01, 2023

Sunday Conference!

Late last night, I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning,
 and like last year,  Lottie made a dollhouse
sized cinnamon roll with orange frosting.
She's such a clever girl!
Between sessions, we walked outside to check 
on the cows and pick up the dead branches I cut off
a fallen tree yesterday for spooky deco in Stillestead.  
Miraculously, Lottie and Gigs spotted a caterpillar hanging
and munching on a leaf in a tree.
How they spotted it, I will never know.
We talked about the restoration of the Christ's true church,
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of whom we
are members of. It is the most amazing news!
He directs His church!
He still talks to prophets today!
He inspires, cares, and leads us!
We know this because of all the inspiring talks that were
given by church leaders over this amazing 2-day conference.
I went into this weekend with a specific question about prayer.
 Our prophet, Russell M. Nelson, 
answered my question during his closing remarks. 
The experience left me feeling overwhelmed
 with love, gratitude, and truth.
Thank you, Lord!
It inspired me to become a better person, try harder, 
and keep my covenants with Him, which will help me grow
and improve and become more like Him

"In our complex world, it can be tempting to turn to society’s ‘heroes’
in an effort to provide meaning or clarity to life when it may seem 
confusing or overwhelming. ... This might be fine for a temporary diversion, 
but we must be watchful that this form of hero worship 
does not become our golden calf."

 " you make choices, I invite you to take the 
long view — an eternal view." 

He tried soooo hard!


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