Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Happy October 2023!

Oh, October! Welcome!
This is just the best month for the Nielson family! 
We love to celebrate every single day in this glorious month.
We ate the cinnamon rolls I made a few days ago and sat on my bed, 
snuggled up to watch Ichabod. It was such a cozy evening!
These days are so different, and I just don't feel like I'm the same
fun mom as I have been before.
 I really want to keep up 
all the fun traditions we've done, but it seems harder
with fewer bodies around.
I just miss everyone.
I told Claire yesterday I didn't think I was going to do Christmas cards
, and she was like,
"WHAT? You're the queen of holidays and festive things".
I felt bad.
I'll change my mind.
Claire will be home for the holidays, and Jane will be right 
behind her in January! 

Just when I thought everyone was asleep
and the house was dark and quiet; Gigs came into our room
with his giant scorpion to show us how much he's grown.
I turned on the lights and let Gigs put him on my bed
and I ooohed and ahhed at how much he's grown.
Then he wanted me to hold him, and that's when I said,
"Ok, Gigs, go to bed; that 5:30 alarm comes mighty early."

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