Saturday, September 30, 2023

Saturday Conference!

 Today marks the first day of the October 2023 conference!
Two days of spiritual enlightenment and direction!
Yes, please!
Conference starts at 10:00 in Utah and 12:00 here,
so I got a lot done in the garden in the morning.
I pulled up my zinnias (it was sad, but it was time),
cut back some plants, and made a loaf of sourdough bread.
While it baked in the oven, Lod and I went for a walk and
explored the woods.
It's cooler here, so we are not as concerned about ticks,
BUT the spiders were OUT!
Everywhere we looked, giant pumpkin spiders
perched on their intricate webs, 
patiently waiting for their next meal to come along. 
Some hung from branches above our heads, 
while others spun their webs across fences and bushes.
Then we helped Christian water the cows and returned to 
eat the bread and sit down for the first session.
Gigs worked early in the morning and was exhausted
so I gave him a pass for this session.

"I have learned from personal experience that spiritual preparation 
for the coming of the Lord is not only essential but the
 only way to find true peace and happiness."

"If you hope to feel the Spirit, be in a place 
where the Spirit can easily dwell."

It is my witness that the Savior has the ability, because of
 His Atonement, to turn any nightmare you are 
going through into a blessing.

"In God’s eyes, kindness is synonymous with greatness. 
Part of being kind is being forgiving and nonjudgmental."

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