Sunday, October 02, 2022

October Conference 2022.

October conference weekend is one of our favorites.
Stillestead was so cozy and comfortable, especially since hurricane Julia was 
blazing outside. The trees around the house were rocking back and forth
and blowing like crazy I was concerned one would fall on the house.
While many trees fell down around the house, one never fell onto the house.
And it rained all day.
Later in the evening on Saturday, I made cinnamon rolls alongside Lottie
who made mini cinnamon rolls in her doll kitchen.
They were most delicious and terribly addictive.
About three minutes after I pulled them from the oven, the power went out
and stayed off for three days. 
Lucky for us, our generator kicked on!
I lit candles, and we played games 
(a new one, this one!  We LOVE Icabod!)

Favorite quotes from conference:
"Through a rigorous effort to look to and for Jesus Christ in my
 every thought and deed, my eyes were enlightened, and my 
understanding quickened to recognize that Jesus Christ
 was calling for me to "come unto" Him.

"His grace is sufficient for me. His grace is sufficient for you. 
His grace is sufficient for all who "labour and are heavy laden.""

"To live in such a way that you give beauty for the ashes 
of your life is an act of faith that follows the Savior."

"...the doctrine of belonging comes down to this—each one of us can affirm:
 Jesus Christ died for me; He thought me worthy of His blood. 
He loves me and can make all the difference in my life. As I repent, 
His grace will transform me. I am one with Him in the gospel covenant;
 I belong in His Church and kingdom; and I belong in
 His cause to bring redemption to all of God's children."

"To be a follower of Jesus Christ, one must sometimes
 carry a burden and go where sacrifice is required and suffering is inevitable."
"Each of us should evaluate our temporal and spiritual 
priorities sincerely and prayerfully to identify the things 
in our lives that may impede the bounteous blessings that 
Heavenly Father and the Savior are willing to bestow upon us. 
And surely the Holy Ghost will help us see ourselves as we are."

No matter how difficult or confusing the challenges may be, 
you can always remember that the answer is simple: it is always Jesus.

When I stumble, I will keep getting up, relying on the grace
 and enabling power of Jesus Christ. I will stay in my covenant 
with Him and work through my questions by study of God's word, 
by faith, and with the help of the Holy Ghost, whose guidance I trust. 
I will seek His Spirit every day by doing the small and simple things.

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