Monday, October 03, 2022

Spring Bulbs.

 I've been in the garden preparing for the Spring flora, 
the upcoming winter, and the long garden sleep ahead.
I planted over 250 daffodil bulbs in my front yard
 in pinks, whites, yellows, and oranges.
Conveniently the nursery is across the street from the boy's high school,
so I texted them and asked them to pick up 60 more bulbs
to finish the job.  Of course, they took eight years to respond,
but they agreed IF I would buy them a treat at the gas station.
When I say "treat," you have to understand a treat to them is like three things each.
I was prepared to tack on $20 bucks to the request.
They are candy fanatics!
They totally get that from Christian.

Just kidding.  They TOTALLY get it from me.

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