Thursday, April 06, 2023

Second Birthday

 Since Lottie is my daughter, her wish for her 11th birthday
 was to just be home with the family eating her favorite foods for dinner
 and to have a purple birthday cake with Peeps on top.
But since she's Christian's daughter and a little more social than her mom, 
she wanted to take her two best friends out to DEFY (the trampoline place) 
and then to get Sushi after.
So we decided to have a homebody birthday on her birthday,
then take her besties out a few days later for a celebration.
In the morning, I dropped off Krispy Creme donuts for her class,
(This is the last year I'll be doing that...ever! Lottie
will be in middle school next year, and it's not cool to do that anymore).
After school Christian and I picked up Lottie and her friends, Mia and Antonia
(who both, in addition to English, speak Portuguese and Spanish, 
which makes for some really fun conversations).
One of the gifts Lottie wanted for her birthday was a three-charm
best friend necklace to give to them.  
And off we went for Lottie's second birthday celebration.
Some in the family would argue that I spoil her more 
than the others. And it's probably true.

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