Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Couple Goals


Chrisitan and I spent our evening serving in the temple.
We've been feeling some stress, you know, just the usual stuff 
that parents like us worry about 
(our children, our missionaries, our children, work, 
and work and things like that).
And for us, the BEST place to go when we feel that way is the temple.
Christian and I have committed to serving and attending the temple two times
a month, rain or shine.  It's one of our couple goals.
It's one of our best couple goals.
We walked out of our session tonight, and the weather was so lovely.
Spring in North Carolina is just so dreamy.
And did I feel a little hint of humidity? 
(NOT excited about that!).

As I was reading, Come Follow Me on my phone last week, 
I came across this:
I love Jesus's invitation to "Come, follow me."
Follow Him even if it's scary.
Follow Him when it's hard.
Follow Him when it doesn't make sense to you.
Follow Him by listening to the prophet.
Follow Him no matter what.

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