Monday, April 03, 2023

Charlotte turns 11!

 Today my beautiful Lottie turned 11.
E L E V E N!
How could this be?
How did this happen?
This morning she woke up in high spirits, excited to be alive, excited
to take on the day, and super excited to unwrap a few gifts before school.
I made her pancakes for breakfast with sprinkles, whipped cream, and a candle!
She opened a stuffed animal gift that she really wanted:
A duck/banana.
I don't even know.  Who even thinks of producing something
like this?  I don't know, but it sure speaks to Lod.
She took it to school and tucked it safely in her backpack.
I promised her I'd pick her up early from school, 
so I ran all my Monday errands, grabbed her, and we came home.
She talked on the phone to Jane in Portugal (it's her P-day) and got messages from 
Claire (who was working at the burn center in Arizona), 
and Ollie, in the MTC in Brazil.
She also got messages from family and friends,
and I think she felt very loved!
She deserves it!
Christian helped her put together a few gifts she got, and when Gigs
came home from school, they flew her new birthday kite together
while I made her a vanilla cake with purple frosting with colorful 
Peeps marshmallows on the top (this was her design!).
She asked for spaghetti with (homemade sauce), and Ceaser salad
for dinner to be eaten outside on the porch.
Check, check, check!
I love you so much,
Charlotte Chrsitiansdatter!

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