Sunday, April 02, 2023

Utahn Sweet Rolls

Last night before bed, I started my cinnamon rolls, soaking them in
a delicious bath of sugar, butter, and of course, cinnamon.
And apparently, cinnamon rolls are a very popular breakfast
among members of the Church:

And our family knows why.
I make some dang good cinnamon rolls!!
Sometimes I call them "sweet rolls," and Christian makes
fun of me.  He says that sounds super "Utahan."
Well, I am from Utah.

The missionaries came over and watched the last session
with us, and ate a few of those Utahn Sweet Rolls.
I practically made enough for every member of the Church.

I was really sad when the last Amen was said because
I really, REALLY enjoyed this April conference.
It was so uplifting.
It was like a nice tall drink of water after treading
through the desert for months.
Can't wait to do it again in October!


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